RSPB Nature Reserve – Isley Marsh

RSPB Nature Reserve - Isley Marsh

Isley Marsh is a RSPB Nature Reserve and can be reached from the Tarka Trail.

There is a  footpath around the western edge of the marsh providing the best views over the river and the marsh, this also allows views over the more interesting areas of the ashbeds, including some small areas of carr and freshwater wetland.

For bird watchers the best time to visit Isley Marsh is one to two hours before high water this will enable  the observer to watch the tide pushing the feeding ducks and waders out of the deep creeks and onto the open water and roosting areas.

There are many breeds of birds found on the marsh during different times of the year.

Summer Birds – Warbler, Skylark, Kingfisher, Barn Owl, Swallow, House Martin, Swan, Coot and Moorhen.

Wimer Birds – Bittern, Cormorant, Lapwing, Golden Plover, Great Snipe, Jack Snipe, Meadoe Pipit, Curlew, Mallard, Knot, Tern, Shoveler, Pochard, Teal, Pintail, Wigeon, Geese, Heron, Oyster Catcher, Dunlin, Shelduck, Egrets, Winter Rail

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